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GVPT 100 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Absolute Dating, Absolute Time And Space, Biostratigraphy

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GVPT 100
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Geological timescales = framework for deciphering the history of the Earth.
measured in relative time and absolute time
1.) The international stratigraphic divisions + correlation in the global record
Phanerozoic subdivided based on
stratigraphy and the global correlation of appearance
disappearance of fossils (biostratigraphy)
Precambrian formally classified chronometrically
= absolute radiometric dates
absolute timescale
= subdivided into eons, eras, periods, epochs and stages.
2.) Absolute dating: Radiometric age data and astronomical cycles
Calibration of stratigraphic to linear time scale
=matter of discovery and estimation.
Absolute ages
zircon U-Pb sustematics
significant amount of D
originally in the mineral
don't know how much D0
measure more than one type of mineral.
isochron method
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