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GVPT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: DontExam

Government and Politics
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GVPT 100
Irwin Morris
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BSCI 207 Exam Reflection Name:
If you want to improve your outcome on the next exam, one of the best things you can do is
critically assess how you prepared and how you did on previous exams to learn from your
mistakes. Please type in answers to italicized questions below. The point of this assignment is
not for ME to assess what you’ve been doing but rather for you to assess yourself so you
can make any necessary changes to your studying for the remainder of the semester
1. REVIEWING YOUR EXAM. When you get an exam back, the first thing you should do
is go through it question by question to see what you got wrong (and right!). If most of your
mistakes are immediately clear to you now, then you might do well to focus a bit on how
you approach the exam rather than only on understanding the content (although
understanding the material well is obviously the number one priority!). For example, when
taking an exam, make sure you are clear about exactly what each question is asking and
check to make sure that each of the answers you think is wrong is actually wrong, rather
than just jumping to the “right” answer (which might only superficially resemble reality if
you look more closely). On the other hand, if it’s still not obvious to you why your wrong
answers are wrong, you definitely need to change the way you’re studying to improve your
Looking at your returned exam now, do you think you need to focus more on the process of
taking the exam itself? Or were your mistakes mostly due to not understanding the material
well enough?
2. DON’T CRAM—REALLY! The more time in advance that you begin studying for an
exam, the more likely you are to retain the material not only for this exam but also for
subsequent exams and beyond. Studying over a longer period of time is often far more
productive than the equivalent time spent across just a few days.
Approximately how many days ahead did you start studying for this exam?
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BSCI 207 Exam Reflection Name:
3. REVIEW REGULARLY. Research indicates that most students are more likely to
recall problems they had understanding a lecture within 24 hours of that lecture--so take
the time to review sooner rather than later.
Do you regularly (i.e., most class days) take time to simply review your notes and
lecture slides and jot down questions about the lecture?
4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Studies suggest that young adults between the age of 17-22
typically need around 8 or 9 hours of sleep each night to function at peak levels.
On exam day, did you get 8 hours of sleep? AND are you normally (at least most of the
time!) getting 8 hours each night?
5. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TEACHING RESOURCES. You have excellent resources
available to you in the form of TA and instructor office hours and GSS.
Have you gone to TA or instructor office hours or GSS? Why or why not? Could this have
6. COMMON EXAM-TAKING ERRORS. Now that you have your graded exam, look at
the questions that were marked incorrect. Pay attention to which of the following
categories they fall into:
A. I misread the question or missed a fact that was in the question.
o Then slow down!!!
o Look to see if I bolded or underlined or italicized something.
o Underline or write down what you think is important.
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