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UMDGVPT 170RousseFall

GVPT 170 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Free Rider Problem, Stamp Act Congress, Equal Protection Clause

OC117485346 Page
Size matters when it comes to collective action. When contributions are small the incentive to free ride increases. The logic of collective action by m
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UMDGVPT 170RousseFall

[GVPT 170] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (65 pages long!)

OC124428265 Page
States were free riding (agreed to provide provisions and then didn"t do it in time) Decisions of consequence had to be approved by all state gov"ts. C
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UMDGVPT 170RousseFall

GVPT 170 Study Guide - Final Guide: Red Tape, Precedent, White Southerners

OC124428245 Page
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UMDGVPT 170RousseFall

GVPT 170 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dual Federalism, Wilmot Proviso, Modern Problems

OC124428218 Page
Politics is where we reconcile preferences and reach agreements (even if disagree on intended goal of action) Reconciling preferences represents the fu
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