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University of Maryland
HIST 142
Saverio Giovacchini

Midterm Exam Study Guide. History 142 Note: This will be a closed book and a closed notebook exam. You may use only your brain and a writing utensil to complete the exam. Part 1: Essays One of the following questions will appear on the midterm. This means that you should study for all four of the questions listed below. Agood essay should feature an introduction with a thesis that answers the question and draws links between different readings and time periods. Agood essay should also feature specific examples from the texts and lecture notes (Exact quotes aren’t necessary, but you should be able to tell us about specific arguments made by the texts you are citing.) Agood essay should feature a conclusion where you indicate the broad significance of what we can learn from these concepts and texts. 1. Discuss the relationship betweenAmerica and “mediocrity” in A. de Toqueville’s Democracy in America (1835-1840) and B. Gramsci’s “Americanism and Fordism” (1934). 2. Making direct reference to Keynes’s and Rossini’s assigned readings analyze the expectation surrounding Woodrow Wilson’s participation to the Versailles Peace Conference of 1919. In particular how did Keynes describe President Wilson? What kind of language did he use? Any overarching ster
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