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KNES 293 Quiz: Discussion 4

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KNES 293
Michael Friedman
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Discussion 4
What are long residuals?
- Continuities and discontinues of the pat
- Way to examine the events
What do long residuals tell us about these particular topics that we are studying?
- You can see something different now and then
- Colosseum to stadiums
- Whiteness
o What does it mean to be white?
Identifying with majority group of people
Physical features
What public perceives you to be
Become more accepting
Influence in power, economic opportunity
Not being racially profiled
Don’t talk about it but we acknowledge it- undercurrent
Now and in the past- it has grown to include a lot more
The moment in Jackie Robinson statue did not happen like that
- It is osuring the history of aseall and Jakie Roinson’s hange of aseall
o White people want to be seen as more generous than they actually were
Long Residuals: Colin and Jackie
What has changed since Jackie Robinson retired?
- Integration of sport
- Some representation of minorities in front offices
o Only 2 current black managers- still not good
- Buring the effigy of Colin Cappernick- threats for lynching and burning jersey
o Robinson faced those too
o Would it be the same if white player?
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