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LING 240 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, Noam Chomsky, Linguistic Prescription

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LING 240
Margaret Antonisse
Study Guide

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Ling240 Quiz 1
What do we mean by Speaker Competence?
Knowledge vs performance
Speech errors
Speakers’ judgements about grammatical and ungrammatical forms
Sue is easy to please
Sue is eager to please
It is easy to please Sue
It is eager to please Sue
Reactions- What makes something a sentence?
1. Something is a sentence if it makes sense (wrong)
2. “Who’s there?” “It’s me” is ungrammatical (Wrong)
Are there grammatical utterances that are not meaningful? Of course
Famous example: Colorless green ideas sleep furiously (Noam Chomsky)
What’s wrong with these?
This is not a complete-Not a complete thought
John seems sleeping- conjugation is not correct on sleeping. It should be sleepy
Sally poured the glass with water-Did she pour the glass containing water or did she
pour the glass with the water? Sentence makes no sense
Skid crash hospital-Not grammatical, but you know what it means
What is grammatical?
Something that a native speaker would naturally say (because it follows from their
mental grammar)
We’ll have a hypothesis about a language pattern
We should be able to predict that a particular sentence should be either grammatical or
1. Little old men sleep soundly is both grammatical and meaningful
2. Colorless green ideas sleep furiously is grammatical but not meaningful
3. John is possible to win the race is not grammatical but is meaningful
4. Furious ideas green colorless sleep is neither grammatical nor meaningful
Design Features of a Language
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