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LING 240 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ray Jackendoff, Universal Grammar, Steven Pinker

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LING 240
Study Guide

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Ling 240 Spring 2020
Review for Midterm
Reminder: The midterm will be on Monday, Mar. 9th
You are responsible for material from the reading, class lectures, homework, and practice
exercises (i.e. everything we have done so far)
Fundamental questions
o mental grammar
o innateness
o prescriptive vs. descriptive approaches
Syllable Structure
Acquisition of Phonological Categories
Jackendoff Chapters 1-5; LF 1.0-1.4
Reading on Prescription: Pinker
Readings on the Acquisition of phonological categories: Werker
Language Files Chapter 2 (Files 2.0-2.3) (Phonetics)
Language Files Chapter 3 (Files 3.0--3.3;-3.5) (Phonology)
The test will be a combination of objective (e.g. multiple choice, applying definitions to
examples, matching) and short answer/short essay. You will be asked to do the same
types of problems that you have seen on homework, practice exercises, the quiz, etc. You
will not be asked to write out definitions for technical terms, but you will be expected to
know and understand the terms, be able to recognize an accurate definition and be able to
apply the term to relevant cases. You will also be asked to show understanding of
concepts and provide arguments for concepts such as mental grammar, and the innateness
of language for humans.
Terminology and concepts:
Make sure that you understand the relevant concept and can do all of the skills associated
with the concept.
(mental) grammar; evidence for rules in mental grammar
innateness; Universal Grammar
prescriptive vs. descriptive grammar/rules
o “grammatical/ungrammatical” for a linguist (not a prescriptive grammarian)
competence vs. performance
expressive variety / creativity
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