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MATH 011 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Normal Distribution, Probability Distribution, Standard Deviation

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MATH 011
Study Guide

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Exam 3 Study guide
Topics covered:
I. Variance and Standard Deviation
II. The Binomial Distribution
III. The Normal Distribution
IV. Applications of the Normal Distribution
I. Variance and Standard Deviation
a. Variance
i. One measure of the degree of dispersion, or spread, of a
probability distribution about its mean is given by the variance of
the random variable associated with the probability distribution
ii. A distribution with a smaller spread will have a small variance and
iii. The variance of the random variable X is
1. Var(X) = p1(x1- 1)^2 + p2(x2-μ 2)^2 +…….+ pn(xn-μ
b. Standard deviation
i. = Var(x) (sigma= standard deviation) σ √
II. The binomial distribution
a. Bernoulli trials
i. Also called binomial trials
ii. Two outcomes
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