MATH 131 Final: Final 5

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MATH 131
Michele Coti Zelati

if a: [aりat] ave v:(uz led hun at4 0二(ate, azrloレコ 1a1 이EztC-1) 4 (-1) z-m ; 3 台Lz,-q-z ,-늙를J or. IF as [4,0,3] ana 6-Ez,115] hha jai awa he wcnn ath a+, Slo awa ta t56 lai-Acrozr3レ,vas-5 r a,lol awa c awevecnn in vn awa cawa 어 ames ca tag CD at (Lt():(a+10) +C ⑤at0:a lasa ir a=Caリat! a3] awolo Cs..し, b.) hiu a.L-a,e, taz bzngby Da-a-la13 a-bstal Vol cose, cose-n) i fin fame clivechCA O=0うcoseal → a.いlallei 9:cos-lGar) 소 3f3rw 140 -an equahUA%んAL Vlaw nat KoalieJ haLouquheru at Ye, y,to) auai's perpenai cular h twe, ueuw Cais, ca is LY . fina an equa hwi C6-hal plawed mungh tctTrTA hu Kunt Czyì win uurmal teuw nds,3,43 fina an equa huncO he plane. CuuPab a.lo scn l a rpuay ecnunlowto a : Prgah(箭)問% Ian eb a Fina umPabe ate冫(2) u ) t3(1) rl(2) receungu ar arrartof numben r-E%) yニは%) x+y(Unuot ke. aaaca 92 if a : [ a り at ] ave v : ( uz led hun at4 0 二 ( ate , azrlo レコ 1a1 이 EztC - 1 ) 4 ( -1 ) z - m ; 3 台 Lz , -q - z , - 늙를 J or . IF as [ 4,0,3 ] ana 6 - Ez , 115 ] hha jai awa he wcnn ath a + , Slo awa ta t56 lai - Acrozr3 レ , vas - 5 r a , lol awa
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