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10 Jan 2019

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(cid:1)(cid:2)(cid:3)(cid:4)(cid:5)(cid:6)(cid:7)(cid:8)(cid:5) (cid:5) (cid:5) (cid:5) (cid:9)(cid:10)(cid:11)(cid:2)(cid:12)(cid:5)(cid:13)(cid:14)(cid:2)(cid:15)(cid:5) (cid:5) (cid:5) (cid:5) (cid:16)(cid:17)(cid:18)(cid:10)(cid:11)(cid:19)(cid:5)(cid:6)(cid:20)(cid:7)(cid:6)(cid:5) Instructions: this exam consists of nine questions, found on three pages. Answer each question on the answer sheet indicated for that question. Clearly label each problem with its question number. Calculators are allowed but you must show work for full credit. Round all decimal answers to three decimal places unless otherwise instructed. Answer questions 1 2 on answer sheet 1: identify the type and level of measurement of each variable underlined below. Choose a good bin size and label your axes appropriately. [7 pt: find the five-number summary of the data and calculate the iqr. Answer question 3 on answer sheet 2: jo is a movie buff. Here are the numbers of movies that she has seen each week over the past six weeks: 4, 7, 3, 10, 6, 9. for mean. (show your steps!) Include a diagram and a few sentences describing the steps involved.