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Study Guides for Lane Des Autels

Philosophy of the Environment

PHIL 261 Study Guide - Final Guide: Demographic Transition, Invisible Hand, Land Degradation

qFinal Exam Study SheetLargescale evolution bush vs ladderoLadderorganisms evolve linearly and species form linearlyoBushorganisms branch off of each other and multiple can form at the same time blurs the lines of speciati...

PHIL 261
Lane Des Autels
Notes from whole course - final review

Final ReviewSJ GouldQuestions whether or not species are reala natural occurrence or if man arbitrarily separated them like state bordersoThe answer to this matters for EPA policies on what species to protectDarwin v Creat...

PHIL 261
Lane Des Autels
PHIL 261 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Trachea, Sustainability, Tom Regan

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO WORKED ON THIS. THIS HAS BEEN SO HELPFUL! GOOD LUCK ON THE TEST EVERYONE Q: Do Regan and Taylor agree with each other with inherent worth/value? Whose idea was it? A: Regan believes in strong anima...

PHIL 261
Lane Des Autels
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