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PSYC 341
Kevin Murnane

Memory- internal repository of stored info - Multi Store Model/ Modal Model: Sensory –attention STM (-Rehearse-) –Retrieval-> and LTM) 1. Stabilization- brief consolidation of memory 2. Enhancement- more long term, liable to fade 3. Integration- more info from hippocampus to cortext, make distributive memory that can later access LTM is independent of MTL Standard Model Theory- all memories will migrate from hippocampus to cortex in distributive fashion Multiple Trace Theory- depending on nature of declarative memory, semantic migrate to subcortical but episodic stay in hippocampus Stages of Sleep – more time in non- Rem sleep - Beta Waves- relaxed/ waking (high frequency, low amplitude) - Alpha Waves- light sleep (low freq, high ampl) - Theta Waves- light sleep - Sleep spindles- less aware of environment - Delta Waves- deep sleep (high amplitude, low freq) - REM- high activity state, similar to beta waves NREM- declarative memory encoded stage 1-4 REM deprivation- nondec encoded in REM sleep Consolidation in Action Serial Reaction Time Tasks- predictable sequence of shown boxes - If consolidation occurs during sleep, should be reactivating memory - Brain is active Factors driving Encoding SUCCESS: Attention at Encoding- divided attention impoverishes memory trace - Doing 2 unrelated tasks causes performance for both to decrease Levels of Processing- durability of memory trace hinges on meaningfulness of details that are encoded - Semantic meaning (deep and durable trace) - Perceptual (shallow and fragile trace) Encoding Specificity Principle- similarity btwn way stimulus processed at encoding and at testing - cues in room attached to memory, so
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