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BIL 330 Midterm: BIL330_BeforeTheFlood_StudyGuide

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BIL 330
Albert Uy

BIL 330: Ecology Before the Flood Study Guide Some key points to focus on: 1) What proportion of climate scientists agree that climate change is indeed driven by human activities? a. 97% believe global warming (in general) b. 38 climate deniers in senate 2) What is the government of Miami Beach doing to alleviate flooding likely due to climate change? If successful, how long will the current initiatives save Miami Beach? a. Pumps across the city b. Raise the road sloping c. 400 million dollar project from tax revenue d. 40-50 years of time e. Government Rick Scott did not allow the term Climate Change f. Opposition is due to politics – ocean not democrat or republican it just rises 3) Why was Prof Michael Mann’s data the turning point for climate science? Why did it elicit so much controversy? a. Hockey stick b. General plateau of cooling and then a sudden rise c. Looked at more historic past of global climate to see this trend d. So many organizations (front groups funded by corporate Koch brothers) are tyring to protect their wealth i. Congress lobbying e. James Inhofe – chair of senate environment committee – people think they are so powerful they can change climate when they are not 4) Which countries are the leading producers of greenhouse gases? a. China has surpassed US b. India third largest emitter 5) Population size in developing nations is growing rapidly. How could these nations raise their standards of living without creating massive amount of greenhouse gases? (refer to the scenes with Sunita Narain, Director of the Centre for Science and Environment in India). a. China i. Green growth ii. Allowing all data be available to media iii. Wind and solar companies (biggest int eh world) rather than coal prioritizing, but still heavily relying on fossil fuels iv. Can less developing countries with the same issues make the same transition b. India i. 300 million people without power and light (30%) ii. cow dung cakes and burn them which is their only source of cooking energy iii. vast reservoir of coal (3 or 4 largest in the world) iv. Americans are building bigger and consuming more
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