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BIL 360 Midterm: ch 6 vocab

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University of Miami
BIL 360
Dubois Adrienne

Chapter 6 – Nutrition, Feeding, and Digestion Vocabulary: • Nutrition: study of chemical compound comprising animals, energy available from food • standard • amino acids: contain nitrogen (amin group), carboxylic acid • essential: cannot be synthesized by animals and must be derived from food • cellulose: structural role in plants and algae • chitin: structural role in insects and crustaceans • vitamins: essential and required in small amounts; key molecular subsystems necessary for function of larger molecules • minerals: chemical elements that are not C, H , O, or N • feeding: individual attack and ingest organisms; mechanisms of prey capture and ingestion are diverse; obtaining and ingesting food • suspension feeding: evolved multiple times because of availability of food sources; trophic transfer of energy; large gilter feeding animals have access to a higher fraction of the primary energy production • baleen: specialized feeding apparatus to capture enough food for suspension feeding • autotrophic microbes: • heterotrophic microbes: provide nutritional benefits through metabolic processes that the host organism lacks • photosynthetic • chemosynthetic: live in tissues of animals like tube worms; obtain energy from oxidation of sulfide to sulfate to synthesize organic molecules • gut microbiome • fermentation: enzyme catalyzed reactions occurring in absence of • rumen: first, huge stomach compartment, houses fermenting microbes that break down cellulose,
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