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BUS 150
Maryann Barber

CIS 150 Fall 2013 TOPICS - TEST #1 Spreadsheets Spreadsheet Views – Normal, Page Layout, Page Break Preview • Page break preview, you can change where the page breaks are Ranges Scrolling with the mouse vs keyboard • Scrolling with mouse keeps your selection Constant (text, number, date, time) • Text will spill over to next cells if there is nothing next to it. If it’s left aligned it is text. • Numbers all align to the right • For numbers, if there are too many to fit it will have ###, and it will go to scientific notation over 11 digits (column widths manually fixed) • Date/times too big to fit in a cell  ### • If the column has never been widened, the num/dates/times will automatically widen it though Formulas & Functions • Functions are built in, predefined, mathematical formulas, it begins with an = sign and has a name and parenthesis. Look below for examples Entering formulas - Typing vs Pointing • Point, so you are accurate in getting the right cell addresses (makes no typos) Mathematical Order of Operation Inserting & deleting cells/columns/rows • Inserting and deleting means you are MOVING things in the spreadsheet • If you ever delete a cell reference in a formula, the formula now contains a #ref error • Insert row or indiv cells (adds before/above), insert column (adds to the left) Hiding/Unhiding columns/rows • Private information, secure info • Information you don’t need to see because it’s not pertinent • Its values will still be used in calculations/formulas/functions Clearing (Erasing) vs Deleting • Clear – erasing the content or clearing the format or both, but cell remains in spreadsheet • Delete removes the cell from the spreadsheet Copying vs Moving entries Copying/moving formulas – Absolute and Relative references Reasons for using assumptions – should something be changed, you don’t have to fix every formula and recopy it. Functions vs Equivalent Arithmetic formulas Formulas Functions Empty cells = 0 Empty cells ignored Delete a cell = #REF! Delete a cell = adjusts (shifts up for range functions); #REF Text is ignored (for Ifs and others) Insert a cell = doesn’t include inserted cell (stays same) Text = #VALUE! Move a cell = formula unchanged (formula follows the new Insert a cell = includes new cell cell; absolute and relative) Move a cell = function changes for ranges (does not follow Move formula = nothing changes new cell; absolute and relative); adapts for IF (same value) Move function = stays the same Cell errors – #VALUE, #REF, #DIV/O, #NUM • Num error shows up when invalid argument in function is made. Dw about it too much. • REF means a cell reference doesn’t exist for a function (results from deleting) • Value – math with letters (text where it shouldn’t be) Tracing Precedents & Dependents • Showing all cells used by the function/formula CIS 150 Fall 2013 TOPICS - TEST #1 • Dependent –depends on all of the cells Functions IF & Nested IF – IF(condition, true, false) & IF(condition, true, IF(condition, true, false)) PMT – (interest rate for each period (divide by 12 only if you’re given the annual one and need monthly), time period in months (if in years then *12), -(loan amount)) Graphs Appropriate chart type for message (Pie=%, Column=1ds comparison, Multiple Column=2+ds comparison, Stacked Column=totals and relative composition of those totals, Line=trend over time) Whichever the spreadsheet/table has more of (rows or columns) that will be on the x-axis. Statement Embedded Chart on
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