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GEG 120
Peter Muller

Minerals and Igneous Rock (cont.) -Weathering: in-place disintegration of rocks -Mass Movement: gravity induced spontaneous down slope movement of earth materials -Erosion (our main concern) -transport of weathered and mass-moved materials from original site (eventually down to the ocean) -further breakdown during transit (as they are moving down) -4 Erosional Agent Erosional Agents are: -Running Water: canyon has taken 22 million years for it to be eroded down about 3,000 miles because of the water and stuff -Wind: particularly important in and around desserts -Glacial Ice: some mountainous areas -Coastal Waves Aggradational Processes -Deposition of eroded materials where transport velocity slows -Building landforms exs. dry river delta and the outer banks Look at the Geologic Time Scale page. 471 helps you realize how old the earth is -Cenozoic -Mesozoic: somewhere in there life was destroyed major extinction CONTINENTAL DRFIT Early 1600's observation of jigsaw-like fit of south american and african ladmasses -breakup of ancient supercontinent hypothesized by Alfred Wegener in 1915 fragmentation and outward continental drift Pangaea: Laurasia & Gondwana -Rejected and ridiculed by geologists: no evidence RISE OD PLATE TECTONINCS THEORY -Continental drift hypothesis kept alive -Turning point came in 60's with first maps that revealed the world ocean floor -global network of mid ocean ridges -evidence from dating of seafloor rocks: youngest rocks line mid ocean ridges become progressively older with distance from ridges mid oceanic ridges from global pipeline for upwelling magma -- seafloor spreading Co
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