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GEG 120
Peter Muller

Finishing Continental Glaciers -Products of scouring -can deepen existing valleys(Finger Lakes) -Most often ice-scoured, depression pocked plain -Glacial lakes -Pluvial Lakes -Precipitation beyond the ice sheet -Glacial Lake Bonneville (today: great salt lake remnant) -Dammed up lakes -Deposits blocking melt water (Great Lakes) AGGRADAITIONAL LANDFORMS OF ICE SHEETS -Sedimentary load of rock debris -huge amounts transported, especially over softer geologic materials -most of load is carried in basal layer (much of it coarse) -powerful erosion agent (scouring), but deposition occurs as well -Glacial drift (deposited by melting ice sheets during deglaciation) -In-situ deposition by receding ice sheet(unsorted till) -Transport by melt water from ice front (sorted stratified drift) MORAINES -Depositional ridges and mounds (pushed-around rock debris) -Terminal moraines: ice advances like a bulldozers pushing debris in front of it ice sheet now reaches terminal point -Other types of moraines -Ground moraine -Recessional Moraines DRUMLINS -Smooth elliptical hill rising above till plain (cigar-shaped) -Long axis parallel to direction of ice movement -Created when ice sheet reshapes preexisting till GLACIAL MELTWATER DEPOSITS -Moraines and drumlins are ice-deposited, but the landform situation becomes more complicated with meltwater -Meltwater flows atop, beneath, and in front of the ice sheet -Carries rock debris away from glacier and sorts it to varying degrees -Melt-water-deposited layers are known as glacial outwash A good example of an outwash OUTWASH PLAIN -Most outwash landforms develop ahead of the receding glacier on the outwash plain -Plain is product of meltwater carrying rock debris away from the wasting ice front -Blocks of unmelted ice often buried on plain, melt, and form depressions called kettles -Other types of depositional landforms associated with a receding ice sheet LANDFORMS AND LANDSCPES MOUNTAIN GLACIERS -Major characteristics -Mostly confi
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