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KIN 150
Wes Smith

EXAM 2 LECTURE REVIEW QUESTIONS 1 Be able to describe heart disease mechanisms related to high blood glucose high blood pressure cholesterol oxidation and inflammation High blood sugar HBP damages the cell wall LDL becomes oxidizesInflammation coronary Artery Disease 2 What lifestyle methods can be used to combat HBP high blood glucose high blood pressure small LDLs oxidative stress and inflammation ExerciseAdding more omega 3s3 What are the CAD risk factors Coronary events or sudden death 55 or earlier in male 1st degree relative or 65 farmable 1st degree relative Smoking 140 or 90 blood pressure measure on 2 separate occasions or BP mess LDL130 mgdl OR HDL 40OR TCL over 200 mgdl only if LDL is not available in measure or cholesterol medication Fasting glucose greater or equal 100 mgdl BMI30 or waist40 males and 35 females Sedentary Not exercising at least 3x per week CV and not accumulated to at least 30 min Activity most days of week HDL 60 or MORE subtract one risk factor 4 What is the criteria someone needs to meet to not be sedentary 150 min a week of moderate intensity exercise and total body resistance training 75 min a week of vigorous activity per week and totally body resistance twice per week 75 min per week of vigorous activity per weektotal body resistance training twice per week A mix of moderate and vigorous activity equivalent in volume to the CV activity above5 How does exercise elicit an antiinflammatory effect Every time you exercises your muscles release substances into your blood that lowers inflammation6 Name 5 antiinflammatory phytochemicals Capsaicin
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