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UMKIN 232Wes SmithSpring

KIN 232 Study Guide - Final Guide: Distal Convoluted Tubule, Sickle-Cell Disease, Proximal Tubule

OC87921810 Page
Know how one can use renal mechanisms to cause a sodium deficit and water loss. o. Know the segments of the nephron and the key role of each: bowman"s
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UMKIN 232Wes SmithFall

KIN 232 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Diastolic Heart Failure, Pulmonary Artery, Bradycardia

OC128670711 Page
Kin 232 cardio quiz 2: cardiac output: heart rate x stroke volume. Amount of blood pumped out of the heart per minute- normal blue is 5 l per minute bl
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UMKIN 232Wes SmithSpring

KIN 232 Midterm: Midterm Study Guide

OC8792189 Page
Exam 1 study guide: effects of sodium bicarbonate ingestion be on exercise performance. Addition on h+ to the bicarbonate and creates h2co3 which will
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