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University of Miami
Management Science
MAS 311

Normal Approximation of Binomial Probabilities Sampling Distribution of Difference b/w 2 Averages When the number of trials, n, becomes large, If independent samples of size ___ and ___ are drawn at evaluating the binomial probability function by random from two populations, discrete or continuous, hand or with a calculator is difficult. The normal probability distribution provides an easy-to-ith means ___and ___, and variances _______ and use approximation of binomial probabilities where _______, respectively, then the sampling distribution of the difference of means, _____- ______, is approximately np > 5 and n(1 - p) > 5. normally distributed with mean and variance given by In the definition of the normal curve, set Exponential Probability Distribution A property of the exponential distribution is that the mean and standard deviation are equal. Density Function Degrees of Freedom V=N-1 Interval Estimate of a Population Mean: __ Known Cumulative Probabilities Interval Estimate of μ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Central Limit Theorem In selecting random samples of size n from a population, the sampling distribution of the sample mean ___ can be approximated by a normal distribution as the sample size becomes large. Interval Estimate of a Population Mean: __ Unknown Sampling Distribution of _____ Interval Estimate Standard Deviation of ______ We will use the following notation to define the standard deviation of sampling distribution of ____. Concept of a Large-Sample Confidence Interval Often statisticians recommend that even when normality cannot be assumed, σ unknown, an!≥30,%can replace σ and the confidence interval Standard Deviation of ______ Sample Size for an Interval Estimate of a
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