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University of Miami
MGT 304
George Williamson

Chapter 17—Human Resources and Policies  Substantive Selection: It is used after the applicant passes initial screening o Written tests o Performance stimulations o Assessment centers o Situational judgment tests o Interviews  Contingent selection: used once the person is ready to be hired and has passed the substantive selection o Ex. Drug tests  Types of Training o Basic Literacy Skills o Technical Skills o Interpersonal Skills/Civility Training o Problem-Solving Skills o Ethics Training  Performance Evaluation: way to monitor whether the person is doing the job correctly and if they are the right person for the job o They should be:  Evaluative  Developmental  Methods of Performance Evaluation o Written Essays o Critical Incident Diaries o Graphic Ratings Scale o 360-degree Evaluation o Forced Comparisons  Improving Performance Evaluations: o Use Multiple Evaluators o Evaluate Selectively o Train Evaluators o Provide Employees with Due Process (make their case)  Stress: a state of
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