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Chapter 11-Communication  Communication: the process of sending and receiving messages with attached meanings  Nature of communication in organizations: 1) Source: encodes an intended meaning into a message 2) Receiver: decodes the message into a perceived meaning 3) Noise: Any disturbance that disrupts and interferes with the transference of messages  Aspects of effective communication: 1) Text: words 2) Intonation: tone of voice 3) Body Language: seeing someone in person  Low channel richness: One-way (post memo with new policy), impersonal, fast  High channel richness: Two way (email, we can answer back), personal, slow  Employee Voice: how okay are managers with lower ranked employees speaking out.  Effective Communication: intended meaning of the source and perceived meaning of the receiver are the same  Efficient Communication: occurs at minimum cost in terms of resources expended  Nonverbal communication: speaking without words (facial expressions, body language, physical gestures)  Kinesics: study of gestures and body postures  Proxemics: study of the way space is utilized  Active Listening: the ability to help the source of a message say what he/she really means.  Guidelines for Active Listening: 1) listen for content 2) listen for feelings 3) respond to feelings 4) note all cues 5) reflect back (most important): re-create the other person’s position so that they feel
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