PSY 110 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Albert Bandura, Bandura, Observational Learning

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PSY 110 Full Course Notes
PSY 110 Full Course Notes
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All learning results from this, even the most primitive animals can learn certain things. Habituation: stop responding if nothing bad repeatedly. Sensitization: heightened response if bad result repeatedly. All learning results from association between two stimuli. After training dog with bell, meat--dog associated bell with meat and salivates. Animal learns to associate behaviors with reinforcement or punishment. Watch behavior, decide whether to encourage or discourage it. Animal must engage in some operation;animals behavior is instrumental in determining outcome. Albert bandura: studies with bobo doll 1965 (bobo doll studies) Kids watch woman be aggressive to doll. Kid left in room with doll, kid does same aggressive actions. Follow up: some kids see aggression praised, some scolded. Reward (the praise) given through the eyes of someone else (woman in video) Model is rewarded/punished not the actual subject. Previously, behavior was only indication of learning.

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