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Luly Casares

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Id gives you spontaneity creativity etc like the engine of personalityHelps id obtain the tension reduction it cravesMost children at some point know how to postpone pleasure and deal rationally with the outside world how to develop judgment rationality how to perceive the outside world these are all secondary thought process falls under ego rational master of personalityCompares Id and ego to horse and rider riderego and horseId one controls the otherReality principle and pleasure principle work against one another Superego moral side of your personality ex like the little angel on your shoulder learn this stuff by the time youre 5 or 6 years oldBroke superego down into 2 thingsConscience things you got punished forEgo ideal things you were praised for ex Good job brushing your teeth In time you internalize these teachings and they become selfadministered Therefore parental control becomes selfcontrolSuperego can be like Id in the sense that its relentless just in a different senseSuperego doesnt just want to postpone pleasure it wants you to never have fun feel no guilt be like a little angel especially when it comes to things like sex and aggression strives for moral perfection Anxiety results from tension between Id and superegoAnxiety is a threat to the ego lets you know when there is impending dangerEgo has to reduce this tension between demands of the Id and the superegoAccording to Freud you will always feel the demands of both instincts will always come out and youll always have the voice of that strict parent in mindFreud believed that defenses were necessaryAll behaviors are motivated by instinct and they are always defensive trying to defend against anxietyWith no defenses you are constantly anxious ex you walk around the world realizing you could die at any minute etc we defend against this and dont think about it Freud developed 8 defenses argued that we use several at the same timeAll share 2 characteristics All distort reality be distorting it ex makes you believe that the world will not end you will not dieAll work unconsciously you dont know you do it we are unaware of itDefense mechanismsRepression most fundamental and frequently used defense involuntary removal of something from conscious awareness almost like an unconscious type of forgetting forgetting something that brings you
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