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Abnormal Psychology ADDITIONAL NOTES PART 2 - I got a 4.0 in the course

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University of Miami
PSY 240

SUICIDE: • Statistics: o Population specific  Caucasians  Native Americans o Increasing rates o Adolescents o Elderly o Gender differences o Men are more successful but women are catching up (guns) o Indices o Attempts o Ideations • Past Conceptions: o Types of suicide (Durkheim, 1897)  Altruistic- our family approves of (family honor)  Egoistic- based on disintegration of social support (family/friends gone)  Anomic- because of a major personal catastrophe  Fatalistic- feels no control over their destiny (typically involved with mass suicides) • Suicide Contagion/Clusters: o If one person commits suicide, others who know that person are at increased risk for suicide o Also applies to media—when a really famous person commits suicide • Causes: o Predisposing Risk Factors:  Genetic/family history- predisposed depression or bipolar disorder  Biological factors- less serotonin  Personality traits- impulsivity o More Immediate Risk Factors:  Environmental factors/suicide exposure  Psychiatric diagnosis for another disorder o Protective factors:  Cognitive flexibility  Strong social support  Lack of precipitating life events  Proven coping skills  Strongly religious  Mental health resources  No losses  Hopefulness  Treatment of psychiatric/personality disorder o Precipitating Factors:  Availability of method  Humiliating/Catastrophic precipitating life event • Warning Signs: o verbal suicide threats or st
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