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TAL 330

Quiz 2 ReviewHistory of SpEd1890searly 1900s schools routinely excluded students with disabilities from attending 1954 Brown vs Board of Education Reasoned it unlawful to discriminate against a group for arbitrary reasons Characterized education as a fundamental function of the gvt to be affordedequally to all citizensSet precedent for movementslegislation affording education to individuals wspecial needs1960s Civil Rights Movement included activism for ppl with special needs 1972 Penn Association for Retarded Children vs Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Free public education to all students with disabilities age 621 Regardless of signicance of needs Most integrated environment Childnd system Serve preschoolers w disabilities Parent involvement 1972 1979 Larry P vs Riles AA students may not be placed in sped based on culturalracial bias School ofcials must develop objective assessment process for placing students Cali prohibits use of IQ tests to place AA students in mild sped classes 1982 Hendrick Hudson Central School District vs Rowley First supreme court interpretation of PL 94142 Appropriate education deemed not synonymous with optimal educationexperienceEducation may not necessarily allow for maximum possible achievement 1989 Daniel RR vs State Board of Education Preference for integrated placement viewed as secondary to need for appropriateeducationEstablished 2prong test for compliance w LRE Determine if student makes satisfactory progressachievement in genedclassroom with supportDetermine whether student has been integrated to maximum extentappropriatePL 94142 1975 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA1Freeappropriate public education FAPEZero rejection policy1Least restrictive environment LRE2Individualized education program IEP3Procedural due processCondentiality legal representation right to impartial hearing notication of changes in childs IEP etc1Nondiscriminatory assessmentMultidisciplinary team must run multiple assessments not racially or culturally biased1Parental participationParents Law
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