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MUS 103
Michael Rowlett

Music Fundamentals: Terminology Music 103 (Honors) Prof. Michael Rowlett Element of Musical Related Terms Things to Listen For Organization beat/pulse Beat: Strongly accented? Hard to feel? rhythm accent Repeated rhythmic patterns (long-short, etc.) tempo Level of rhythmic activity: rhythmically active (many rapid notes)? or more relaxed meter (more sustained notes)? downbeat Tempo: Fast? Slow? Moderate? syncopation Special rhythmic effects: syncopation, unusual accents tone tonality/pitch frequency 12 pitches in an Major key or minor key? octave flats and sharps Change of key? key scale major, minor Melodic shape (ascending, descending, arch-shaped, etc.) melody phrase Melodic motion (conjunct, disjunct) interval sequence Melodic phrasing (units of melody): long or short units? all the same length? conjunct, disjunct Melodic character: lyrical, motivic, other qualities (soaring, static, persistent, etc.) theme motive Repeated melodic motives, repeated melodies cadence Cadences (where are they located?) Rowlett/Music Terminology
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