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PSY 201- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 38 pages long!)

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University of Mississippi
PSY 201
Kurt D.Streeter

[PSY 201] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Psychology 201 Test One Thinking about Thinking – approach things with different perspectives, define whats common (a norm) and whats not • Key Considerations and Themes o Humans studying humans – we can never get outside of human knowledge ▪ try to understand and predict other▯s behaviors o Subjective vs Objective Perspectives ▪ Subjective Perspective – each one of us has our own subjective experiences and biases ▪ Objective Perspective – what you can share with others through the senses • Everyone can agree they know something as a group o Nature vs. Nurture – why do humans think and act in certain ways? ▪ Are psychological characteristics biological (nature) or acquired through education, experience, and culture (nurture)? ▪ Both nature and nurture dynamically interact in human psychological development ▪ It is never one or the other o Mind/Body Problem ▪ Mind – our consciousness – more than just reacting to the environment • More than the brain – at what point does it become more? • Do we actually have free will if the mind is just responding to the environment? ▪ Body – material of who we are ▪ Are the mind and body separate and distinct, or is the mind simply the subjective experience of ongoing brain activity? ▪ Dualism – Rene Descartes – idea that the mind and the body are separate yet intertwined o Language – SO IMPORTANT – opportunity to quantify or measure something ▪ Operational • Science needs a material reference • Effect of experimental manipulation find more resources at
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