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Classical Mythology Notes for Exam 2

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University of Arizona
CLAS 160D2

REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM 2 Clodia Pulchra- free vision of sister PART I: TERMS and NAMES P. Clodius Pulcher v. Cicero- Cicero caught Clodius cross dressing at party Roman dining Lex Julia and Lex Papia-Poppaea- Julia Annona- grain dole exiled for audultery,  is  julia’s  dad caupona- meals, drinks, outside dining, Ovid- 3 books of love, exiled 8ce b/c of entertainment poem and error popina- wine, hot food, greasy food Didactic- literature focused on teaching taberna- pub puls- cream of wheat Juvenal- poet, bread and chariots, wrote satire triclinium- dining room st Satura- harsh comedy Apicius-1 cent. Cook, De Re Coquinaria Gaius Verres v. Cicero- Gaius corrept Garum- fish sauce governor, Cicero reminds people of him Parasite- kiss up to get to a party Salutatio- good morning Petronius’  Satyricon- Insulae- apartment, poor Trimalchio- slave who bought wealth, food Liberti- freedmen in weird ways, glass profusions of silver and gold Virtus- virtue Limen- boundary of roame Pietas- doing the right thing for good of Pileus- freemanshat that was on the boar family “freedman”  boar- hat on boar and then slaughtered it ludi- games “napkins”- party favor Roman spectacle- festivals forreligious “doggy  bags”- packed pockets with food reasons Votum- promise about what you get if win battle Roman  definition  of  “adultery”- women can’t  do  anything,  men  just  can’t  with   Aediles- in charge of public buildings another person of marriageable age Venationes- animal hunters Catullus- neoteric poet, love is a disease “actors  in  the  audience”-soldiers in pg53 (as romans did) audience that would side on one thing “Lesbia”- catullus’  muse Neronia- games started by nero Greek Games-only aristocrats, athletic Quinctilius Varus- led the roman legion events like poetry and races into mud that got stuck Capitoline Games- chariot races, started by Arminius- german leader that killed Varus, Domitan, in honor of Jupiter capitolinas chief of Cherosci, Roman citz., equestrian Factions- teams Teutoburg Forest- stuck in mud and germ. Kill 3 legions, 20k dead Circus- race Germanicus- sent to Germ. To quell mutiny Circus Maximus- 12 teams, 3 from each there in 14ce faction Tiberius- germanicus’  father,  conquered   curse tablets- write on tablet who you want to lose and bury it stuff pantomimi- no words just dance Pisonian Conspiracy-nero killed mom wife bro, Calpurnius conspired to kill nero Nero-some leader munera- fight to death Seneca the Younger-nero’s  tutor,  took   decimation- dishonored legion if ran away hemlock b/c in Pisonian conspiracy gladiator- warriors Paulina- seneca’s  wife infames- ceremonially and politically Jupiter Vindex- something with dagger unclean trying to kill nero devotion-get bad voodoo that goes to Temple of Divus Nero- dedicated to nero but denied cuz he sucks whoever killed you
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