Earth’s Environment: Introduction to Physical Geography Final Review Sheet

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Final Review Sheet Earth: Birth • The Earth is •4.5 billion years old • Gas & dust pulled together by gravity=rotating disk • Star & planets form at the same time • Universe is MUCH older= 14 billion years old Which of the following best describes the age relationships between the universe, the • Earth, and humans? •The Earth is really old compared to humans, and really young compared to the universe. • Galaxies appear “red shifted.” This tells us they are moving away from us. What would a star or galaxy look like if it were moving toward you? • •it would be blue shifted Birth of Universe and Earth: • Universe is about 14 billion years old • Earth is younger..4.5 billion years old • Earth formed from a rotating disk of gas and dust, as did our entire solar system • Universe is expanding = red shift of galaxies • Expansion is speeding up = farther galaxies move faster away Four Components of the Earth system Atmosphere • • Biosphere • Geosphere • Hydrosphere • Which one is NOT powered by the sun? •Geosphere= one quarter of the Earth System is composed of rocks and related materials Igneous Rocks - rocks that cool and solidify fro magma or lava. Process : melting → cooling → crystallization/solidification Magma -below Earth’s surface; Lava-on Earth’s surface Sedimentary rocks - made up of pieces of other rocks. Require water and/or an atmosphere (wind). • Mars doesn’t have liquid water on its surface today, but it did in the past. It currently has a thin atmosphere. Could Mars have sedimentary rocks on
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