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University of Arizona
PSIO 450

PSIO 450 Test 1 ReviewMechanical function 2Static ComplianceChange in lung Volume for any given Pressure Dynamic compliancecompliance of the lung at any given time during actual movement of air High complianceFloppy lungs emphysema This means that the lungs can fill well however the lungs do not have a good elastic recoilLow complianceStiff lungsfibrosis or scarring of the lungs This causes decreased filling of the lungs with air Dynamic Conditions contracting and movement of airdriving pressure depends on force of muscle contractioncompliance of lungsability of lungs to let air flow inLow compliancestiff lungs produces small amount of filling high compliance floppy lungs produces a lot of filling but not a good recoilResistance to air flowinteraction of gases with walls of airwaysfrictional resistanceLots of resistance causes less air to get into lungsLow resistance causes lots of air to get into lungsNOTE USUAL unitscm H2O where 1mmHg136 cm H2OLaminar resistancestraight circular tubes FlowPressurePi r48nlno flow unless gradient or pressurerradius of airwaynot a linear line therefore with small changes in radius we get huge changes in resistance nviscosity of air how concentrated the air isllengthLength and viscosity cannot really be changed but the radius canVoltagecurrentresistance PressureAirflow resistance ResistancePressure Airflow
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