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Study Guides for Avi Cohen

Cardiovascular Physiology

PSIO 485 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Oncotic Pressure, Thrombus, Polycythemia

1. Blood a. 8% total body weight. 5 liters women. 5.5 L for men. b. Components- cellular i. RBCs 1. Transport O2 to the tissues and CO2 to the lungs ...

PSIO 485
Avi Cohen
PSIO 485 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Left Coronary Artery, Right Coronary Artery, Circumflex Branch Of Left Coronary Artery

EXAM 3 Learning Objectives Organ Blood Flow 1. Arterial pressure driving force for all organ systems 2. Regulated by vascular resistance of organs a. Influenced by i. extrinsic (neur...

PSIO 485
Avi Cohen
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