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BIOL 1543 Midterm: exam 3 (CH 9.1 and 9.2)

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BIOL 1543
John Chadwick

POB Exam 3 9.1 The study of genetics has ancient roots Attempts to explain inheritance go back to ancient Greek physician Hippocrates pangenes travel from each part of body to spermegg incorrect Blending hypothesis: hereditary materials contributed by male and female mix in formation of offspring Rejected because it doesnt explain how traits in one generation disappear, then reappear in later generations 9.2 The science of genetics began in an abbey garden Heredity: the transmission of traits from one generation to the next Field of genetics: scientific study of heredity Began 1860s, Gregor Mendel Gregor Mendel: Heritable factors (genes) retain their individuality generation after generation Chose to study garden peas because of the short generation time, large number of offspring, many distinguishable varieties Character: a heritable factor that varies among individuals (color) Trait: each variant for character Mendels success was due to his experimental approach, organism choice, and selection of characters to study (7 characters) Truebreeding varieties: varieties for which selffertilization produces offspring all identical to the parent Hybrids: offspring of 2 different varieties Genetic cross: crossfertilization of 2 different varieties P generation: truebreeding parents F1 generation: P generation hybrid offspring F2 generation: when F1 plants selffertilize or fertilize each other Mendels qualitative analysis of F2 generation allowed him to deduce the fundamental principles of heredity
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