HESC 2433 Quiz: CH 11 and 12

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Human Environmental Sciences
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HESC 2433
Mary Basset

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Child Development Quiz Answers and Terms Chapter 11: Physical Development in Middle Childhood 1 Secular Trend Mayas grandmother is very short, and her mother is slightly taller. At age 13, Maya is already taller than both of them. 2 Tooth Decay Especially high levels found in lowSES children; about 30 untreated 3 The weight of the brain increases by only 10 During middle childhood and adolescents 4 Child born underweight because mother smoked during pregnancy Has an elevated risk for later overweight and obesity 5 Strong predictors or impaired selfregulation and gain in BMI The number of stressors in childrens lives 6 Implementing a familybased intervention that focuses on changing eating and exercise behaviors The most effective treatment to help and overweight or obese child lose weight 7 Myopia One of the few health conditions to increase with SES 8 Highly active and impulsive children Are particularly susceptible to injury in middle school 9 Schoolage childrens understanding of health information Much of the health information given to children is contradicted by other sources such as TV advertising 10 Athletic performance of school age children Girls believe it is unjust that coaches favor boys, giving them an advantage at sports 11 Middle school is a crucial time to encourage girls participation in sports because During this period, children start to discover what they are good at 12 Childrens participation in childorganized sports and games remains common In lowSES communities in industrialized nations 13 Children spend less time in spontaneous play and more time in adultorganized sports As a result of parental concern about neighborhood safety 14 Rough and tumble play in middle childhood Provides a safe context for children to assess the strength of peers 15 During a typical week, nearly half of elementary school children do not have any physical education In the United States Chapter 12: Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood 1. Around age 9, children are able to Give clear, wellorganized instructions for getting from one place to another by using a mental walk strategy 2. Childrens mental operations work poorly with abstract ideas Limitation of concrete operational thinking
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