KINS 3153 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Contact Force, Friction, Euclidean Vector

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The study of forces and moments acting on and produced by living bodies. Qualitative is a non-numeric description of quality (example- good, poor, long, heavy) Quantitative is a numeric description (running velocity- 2. 7 m/s; height 1. 55 m) Mechanics is the branch of physics that analyzes the action of forces and particles of mechanical systems. Branches: rigid body mechanics, deformable body mechanics, fluid mechanics, relativistic mechanics, quantum mechanics. Statics- deals with systems in a constant state of motion (or no motion at all) Dynamics- (kinematics and kinetics) systems subject to acceleration. Kinematics: study of the description of motion (including space and time) Mass: quantity of matter in a body regardless of its volume or the forces acting on it. A force exerted by one object on another- action. Matched by an equal but opposite force exerted by the second object- reaction. Use forces to: start/stop; speed up/slow down; change direction; maintain balance of an object.

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