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HIST 1012- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 39 pages long!)

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HIST 1012
Mohammed Bhatti

[HIST 1012] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Roman History- August 21, 2017 Buy notecards Virgil wrote the ineid Terrence and Plautus wrote situational comedies How do we study –geo, lit, arch, coins, epigraphy, Mediterranean connects people through trade Salt trade is very important to Roman Tiber river- Helps Rome control trade ▯Reading artifacts▯ Messages on coins is important Tablet emperor Claudius allowing non citizens to become members of the senate Fourth Century -400-301 BCE First Century – 100-1 BCE First Century CE-1-100 264 BCE= 3 Century 44BCE= 1 Century 135 CE= 2 Century Read Chapter 1 August 23,2017 Primary and Secondary Sources North of Rome is Etruria, South of Rome is Magna Graecia NORTH OF ROME Etruscans- dominated early Italy They built monumental buildings and were technologically advanced- culturally developed Material is vastly different than Rome▯s was at that time period, and Architecturally it influenced the Romans and contained a high degree of craftsmanship SOUTH OF ROME Mainly Greek city states Bay of Naples- first place of settlement for Greeks in Italy around 775 THE STORY FROM ARCHAOLOGY Both cremation and inhumation were burial types during this time, suggesting communal identity based on burials Rome in 7 century BCE at around 650 the area between canals was drained and created into a usable area, this showed the advancement of engineering, takes a lot of organization in order to do this work- Forum Romanum At around 625 the Regia is the first known building built, this is has an unknown purpose but has something to do with regalness Curia- is where the senate would meet (established by Romulus) find more resources at
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