ENGL 3326 Final: Seven Guitars Major Paper Final

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ENGL 3326
Dr.Terrence Theodore Tucker

Kyree Griffin ENGL 3326 Dr. Tucker 4 April, 2017 Seven Guitars Throughout Seven Guitars the many characters choose to make multiple different decisions, for numerous different reasons. Their multitude of various backgrounds and history cause some of them to disagree with one another, which causes moments of temporaryor permanent in Hedley and Floyds casediscourse and disagreement between characters in this band of friends at some point or another. There is Louise, who looks down on Hedleys decision to not go to the sanitariumand most other things Hedley does. When we properly meet Vera, she is mad at Floyds decision to flee to Chicago with another woman and then return like everything can go back to normal. Then theres Canewell, who (at least initially) disproves of Floyds decision to try and drag him back to Chicago after he was screwed over with the first record he helped him make. One characters decisions that baffle me on many occasions throughout the play are those of Floyds; throughout the play he goes back and forth between coming off as an asshole and a genuinely kind person, and the actions he takes make it difficult to determine which version of him is the real one. Additionally, there are many themes and references to black oppression throughout the play that would be easy to overlook if you were not actively paying attention to the tone Wilson has set up for us.
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