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PSY 201 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Freudian Slip, Adobe After Effects, Neural Adaptation

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PSY 201
Dasa Zeithamova Demircan
Study Guide

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Psych 201, Midterm 2, Practice Qs from Inquizitive
Chapter 4: Consciousness
Match the terms about awareness with their definitions
Consciousness: subjective experience of the world
Change blindness: inattention to changes in environment
Attention: focused awareness
Automatic processing: type of consciousness needed to perform quick, automatic
behaviors or habits
Controlled processing: type of consciousness needed to perform slow, deliberate, and
intentional tasks
The global workspace model holds that consciousness is a result of different parts of the
brain being active. Identify how the different brain areas each play a role in awareness.
Prefrontal cortex: “I understand plans”
Frontal motor cortex: “I’m all about movement”
Parietal lobe: “I’m aware of space”
Occipital lobe: “I see things”
Temporal lobe: “I hear things”
Match the brain activity with the corresponding stage of sleep.
Alert wakefulness: Beta waves
Just before sleep: Alpha waves
Stage 1: Theta Waves
Stage 2: sleep spindle and K-complex
Stage 3/4 slow wave sleep: delta waves
REM: beta waves
What is happening during REM sleep?
People’s eyes dart around
The mind produces dreams
There is high activity in the brain stem
There is high activity in the occipital lobe
The brain produces beta waves
Muscles are paralyzed
Which of the following actions of a hypnotized person support the dissociation theory of
Luke practiced self-hypnosis for four weeks. Then he did not need any pain medication
for his wisdom teeth extraction. (Hypnosis has been shown to decrease the emotional
experience of pain.)
Bob was looking at a black-and-white picture. When asked to imagine it in color, parts of
his visual cortex involved in color perception became active. (Hypnosis has been shown
to change neural activity.)
Following the hypnotist’s suggestion, Becky could walk slowly over hot coals without
feeling any pain.

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Psych 201, Midterm 2, Practice Qs from Inquizitive
Which of the following examples support the theory that sleeping is adaptive because it
facilitates learning?
When Shannon spend a semester studying and traveling in a different country she had
more dreams.
When we learn a lot of new information, we spend more of our sleep cycle in
REM sleep. REM is important for the consolidation of memories.
Susan dreams about the speech she needs to give. The next day she remembers all her
main points, earning an A on her speech.
David takes a nap after studying and gets a higher grade on his exam than his
roommate who stay up all night studying.
Which benefits have been found to be associated with practicing meditation?
Improved attention
Reduced blood pressure
Reduced cholesterol levels
Faster recovery from being sad
Preservation of gray matter as people age
Reduced stress hormones
Leslie means to say “If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” but instead she says, “If it’s not
one thing, it’s your mother.” This type of error is called a ________________.
Freudian slip
MDMA, also known as Molly or ecstasy, has been popular at nightclubs and raves since
the 1990s. What are the effects of this drug?
Mild hallucinations
Memory impairment from long-term use
Possibility of death is pills contain other dangerous substances
Boost of energy
What factors make someone more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol?
Having role models who use drugs or alcohol
Responsiveness to high dopamine activity in the limbic system
Attraction to novelty and risk taking
Having a poor relationship with one’s parents
Having biological parents who are or were substance abusers
Which of the following could be effects of two to three days of sleep deprivation?
Ben finds himself falling asleep for a couple seconds at a time throughout the day
Joni got easy exam questions wrong even though she studied
Ashleigh is irritable and moody for no apparent reason
Jasper catches a virus that has been going around the office
How can you use your knowledge about circadian rhythms of sleep/wake cycles to help
you sleep well?
Go to sleep at the same time every night
Turn off the lights
Close or cover your eyes
Take melatonin
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