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PSY 309
Nicholas Allen

Study Guide for Quiz 2 The quiz questions will be drawn from material covered in the following points below. Quiz 2 covers Chapters 5 and 6 and lecture material. Given I had to cancel a lecture due to illness the quiz will NOT include material that would have been covered in that lecture (i.e., material related to Obsessive Compulsive disorder and the Resick article). I) Chapter 5: PTSD 1. What kinds of traumas lead to PTSD? Which traumas are more likely to lead to a diagnosis of PTSD? individuals must directly experience or witness the traumatic event, learn that the event happened to someone they are close to, or experience repeated or extreme exposure to the details of a traumatic event 2. Biological, social, and psychological factors that contribute to PTSD” Psychological factors: People who experience increased depression and anxiety before a trauma are more at risk for developing PTSD after a trauma. Coping strategies after a trauma are associated with PTSD. People who tend to use avoidant coping strategies or use substances as a coping method are more likely to develop PTSD Social factors: Gender and cross-cultural differences • Gender, Women more often survivors of sexual assault • Racial and ethnic differences: African Americans more likely to experience PTSD than other racial/ethnic groups. More likely to be the victim of violent assaults Biological Factors--Neuroimaging studies show that in individuals who have experienced PTSD, the amygdala responds more actively to emotional stimuli Stress Response Systems: Example responses to stressors or threats include full body reactions: 1. Physiological/Somatic • Tense muscles, increased heart rate 2. Emotion • Sense of dread, irritability 3. Cognitive
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