BIOL 3201 Quiz: Test Review

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BIOL 3201
John P.Masly

Final Exam Study Guide 1. Regulation of Gene Expression a. Chromatin/Nucleosome Construct b. Examples of PTMs of protein c. Know the anatomy of a gene d. Understand the implications of gene splicing e. Know the role of miRNA in regulating gene expression f. Know the role of localization of mRNA on patterning and differentiation 2. Understand the concept of “Selective Affinity” a. Be able to order cell layers based on surface tension numbers 3. Know the difference between epithelial and mesenchymal cells 4. Know the relationship and purpose of cadherins and catenins 5. What is Apoptosis and why is it important for development? 6. Be able to identify an animal or vegetal cell from a picture 7. Know germ layers and what they become 8. Know what a fate map is 9. Who are Spemann and Mangold? What are their contributions to embryology? 10.Know the difference between forward and reverse genetic screens 11.What is an animal model? 12.What is gastrulation? 13.Know the significance of vegetal rotation and the appearance of bottle cells 14.Know what the organizer is, where it comes from, what it does, and how it does it. (Xenopus) 15.How is the left/right axis determined? (Xenopus) 16.Know the importance
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