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HES 3213 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Golf Equipment, Gross Negligence, Intentional Tort

Health and Exercise Sci
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HES 3213
Daniel Larson
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Sports Management Review
Chapter 1
Quiz 1:
1. The first company to capitalize on the term official with regard to a pro sort
product was Spalding.
2. Mark McCormacks sport marketing agency, IMG, began through a relationship
with players in golf.
3. By turning a parking garage in proximity to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Village
into a mini-Nike Town, Nike engaged in Ambush Marketing.
4. The emphasis on product extensions and the development of team sport
promotional strategy can be attributed to Bill Veek.
5. Sponsorship has been evident early on in sport history.
6. Identifying subgroups of the overall marketplace based on factors such as age,
ethnicity, or income level is segmentation.
7. Sports marketers define fan identification as the personal commitment and
emotional involvement customers have with a sport organization.
8. Sport marketers have almost no control over the core product, the athletic
contest. Can only control peripherals.
9. Fans and sponsors often promote sport businesses for free while other businesses
must pay for their promotion and advertising. Sport businesses have fans with
high levels of loyalty while other businesses simply have consumers. Sport
businesses must maintain some uncertainty in core product performance, while
other businesses seek consistency.
10. Sport businesses have some exemptions to anti-trust law that allow them to
collude off the field.
3 types of sport organizations
- Clubs
- Leagues
- Professional tournaments
William Hulbert
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- Provided stability to new league czar of baseball
- 1876: took over management of National league of pro baseball players
- Believed stability achieved only if teams were run like businesses
- Teams should compete against each other and owners couldnt collide
- Understood that without strict rules to enforce honest competition, collision
would occur
- Believed that owners must take some financial risk
o Abandoning seasons early to prevent losses in short term eroded long
term faith of public
- Owners must field competitive teams to be profitable
- Integrity of baseball was suspect as long as the players honesty was questionable
o Gambling prohibited and ticket prices raised
Fred Corcoran
- Architect of golf tournaments
- Created the financially self sufficient golf tournament
- Used athletes and golf tournaments to sell ad space to the public
- Tournaments continues after the end of WWII
o Golf equipment manufacturers paid Corcoran to create golfer association
and arrange tournaments using prize money as player payments to reduce
cost of player representatives.
NASSM and scale of college programs
- Continuing growth of sport industry and its importance to numerous sponsors
and institutions created demand for the systematic study of sport management
o 1 Walter O Malley ”rooklyn dodgers and James mason discuss the
o 1966: Ohio universe created first major degree program in sport
o Late 1960s: Biscayne college and s thons university founded undergrad
sport management program
o 1971: the U of Massachusetts created the 2nd masters program
- By 1985;
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o 40 undergraduate sport managements programs
o 32 grad programs
- Today
o More than 350 programs internationally
o North American society for sport management created curriculum
standards to ensure quality academic programs
o Commission on spot management accreditation promotes and recognized
excellence in sport management education
Chapter 2
4 functional areas of management
- Planning
- Organizing
- Leading
- Evaluating
Scientific management
- Taylorism
- Workers should not be doing the same job in different ways but in the one best
- Manager can get workers to do this with economic rewards
Emotional intelligence
- The capacity to be aware of, control and express ones emotions and to handle
interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically
Organizational politics
- Use of power or some other resource to get a preferred outcome
- 4 types of political tactics used
o Coalitions
o Outside experts
o Links/networks
o Controlling information
- Sport organizations have formal and informal leaders
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