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GEY 3601
ronald Lucchino

QUIZ 6 1. Describe age related changes in the following senses a. vision (fours changes) 1. A decline in seeing clearly, things may be slightly blurred 2. A reduced ability of the eye to focus quickly when looking afar then suddenly at an object close up 3. An increase sensitivity to glare from shiny objects 4. There is an elevation of light threshold, need more light to see b. hearing ( two) 1. Presbycusis is a loss of high frequency sounds. Individuals may not hear the total sentence an not make out what is being said 2. Pure tone threshold means you need a lowered noise to hear. Do not shout at the person, speak slowly and face to face c. smell/taste (one) 1. Lack of smell results are lack of eating causing poor nutrition 2. Lack of taste results in bland food causing person not to eat 2. In questions (1) describe how these age related changes make a person vulnerability to possible acute dementia ( the symptoms of all dementia are confusion, disorientation, loss of short term memory, behavior changes, withdrawn, hallucinations) For vision loss, people might see a fuzzy shadow, thinking it is a person and over time the brain will think that the shadow is a real person (hallucination). Confusion, and disorientation can come all the malnutrition, and sensory deprivation. A person who withdraws might be this way because of the decline, they don’t feel the same and they don’t want to interact with people. Loss of short term memory and behavior can come from malnutrition because their body is not functioning properly. 3. Explain how the increase in age related thirst threshold may cause some age associated problems As our age increases so does our thirst threshold increases creating the since that we don’t feel thirsty, when our body needs the water. Dehydration is a big issue, or even if they become lethargic or they could faint which can cause some age associated problems. By not drinking enough fluid, the body is unable to work properly, causing acute dementia to heigh
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