GEY 3601 Quiz: Q4

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University of South Florida
GEY 3601
ronald Lucchino

1. Describe some of the changes in Down syndrome adults that show signs of pre-mature aging, b) will all Down syndrome adults be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease? C) what premature age related changes might contribute to this population being diagnosed with this disease A. Communication difficulties, behavioral changes and reduced independence are pre-mature sign of aging. B. Not all down syndrome adult will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but majority will. C. Behavioral changed 2. Describe the 5 ages of life. If your parents are alive, what stage would you place them 1. Birth- baby is born 2. Infancy- first year of life 3. Childhood- 1to 10 years’ old 4. Adolescence- 12 to 18 years’ old 5. Adulthood- 18 and up My parents would be at the adulthood age 3. Describe the difference between mild, moderate, severe and profound disabilities Mild: Independent living, part of working force Moderate: Supervised living and working Severe: Cannot live alone and limited working ability Profound: 100% dependent 4. What factors may overlap with their disability that may mask or mimic disorders and results in a modification on how they express aging from the general population Aging, lifestyle and medications can mask or mimic disorders resulting
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