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MUS 4930- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 17 pages long!)

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Music/Music Education
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MUS 4930

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[MUS 4930] Comprehensive summer guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Pancha 1l Bhakti Panchal MUS4930 Professor Falwell 28 June 2017 All Shook Up: White Space Conflict At the very beginning when Rock ‘n’ Roll had emerged there had been many controversies and opposition to why it was considered vile, and bad for just the public especially to the white population. It was very vexed because the most obvious reason was that it was brand new and people were hearing a different style of music for the first time and because a lot of the lyrics were inappropriate. At public concerts, there had been reported of riotous behavior that many public officials had to ban the live rock ‘n’ roll shows and because of the primitive beat attracted “undesirable elements who practiced their spastic gyrations in abbreviated bathing suits” which was considered provocative. Mostly the older people were the ones that got offended from hearing the new style of music and called it “trash.” Francis Braceland also had a similar view to rock ‘n’ roll music and claimed that it was a “communicable diseases and a few others that were opposed to it declaring the music of teenagers a tool in a conspiracy to ruin the morals of a generation of Americans. Furthermore, Jeff Greenfield claimed that the rhythms infected white Americans, seducing them out of the kind of temperate bobby-sox passions out of which Andy Hardy films are spun. Individuals may have opposed to rock ‘n’ roll music because dancing or listening to music was considered bad manners from Linder's example in the book. The more attractive R&B became to white the white youth it became more controversial, the rhythm and blues gave parents nightmares that their teenagers would want to live out the fantasy described by Jack Kerouac in On the Road. find more resources at
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