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University of California - Davis
Bryan Enderle

Name Student ID NumberLab TA Name and Time Fall 2012Enderle CHEMISTRY 2A ExamII InstructionsCLOSED BOOK EXAMNo books notes or additional scrap paper Multiple Choice are permittedAll information required is contained on the examcircle one Place all work in the space providedIf you require additional space 1 ABCDE use the back of the exam 2 ABCDE 1 Read each question carefully Circle Part I answers on front page 3 ABCDE 2 There is no partial credit for the problems in Part I You will lose 10 points if you do not circle your multiple choice answers on the 4 ABCDE front page or if you do not write your TAs name in the space 5 ABCDE above 6 ABCDE 3 The last two pages contain a periodic table and some useful 7 ABCDE informationYou may remove these pages for easy access 4 Graded exams will be returned in lab sections next week 8 ABCDE 5 If you finish early RECHECK YOUR ANSWERS 9 ABCDE UC Davis is an Honor Institution 10 ABCDE Possible Points Points 11 ABCDE 115 45 points12 ABCDE 161714 points13 ABCDE 18 15 points14 ABCDE 1919 points15 ABCDE 2014 pointsTotal Score 107
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