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5152014Extra Problems for Exam IIChemwikiExtra Problems for Exam IIReading AssignmentsUC Davis CHE 2C General Chemistry Homework ProblemsHomework SolutionsSpring 2014 Prof Delmar LarsenGrading on a CurveUnit I ElectrochemistryUnit II Inorganic Chemistry Unit III Chemical KineticsUnit IV Nuclear ChemistrySolutions are found hereD1Which of the following is NOT true for the Group 1A elementsa Most of them are soft silvery corrosive metalsb Their atomic radii increases with increasing molecular weightc They are named the alkaline earth metalsd They are excellent conductors of heat and electricitye They exhibit a 1 oxidation state in compounds D2Which element group is the most reactive of all the metallic elementsa alkali metalsb alkaline earth metalsc coinage metalsd transition metalse Group 2B metals D3In a surprisingly large number of their properties beryllium resembles aluminum and boron resembles silicon Such a relationshipis calleda amphoterismb an allotropic relationshipc a diagonal relationshipd the periodic lawe an isoelectronic series D4Which of the following properties of the alkaline earth metals decreases with increasing atomic weighta ionic radiib ionization energyc atomic radiid activitye atomic number D5Of the following oxides the most basic isa MgOb NaO2c PO23d BeOe SO2httpchemwikiucdaviseduWikitextsUCDavisUCDChem2CUCDChem2C3ALarsenHomeworkProblemsExtraProblemsforExamII1115152014Extra Problems for Exam IIChemwiki D6oA 300 g sample of CaCO was heated until 100 L of CO was collected at 500C and 742 torr What percentage of the32CaCO haddecomposed3a 684b 910c 123d 158e 206 D7What mass of lithium nitride could be formed from 104 g of lithium and excess nitrogen gasa 35 gb 60 gc 105 gd 140 ge 174 g D8The most abundant metal in the earths crust isa Cub Fec Nad Ale Ca D972Which element has the electron configuration Ar 3d 4sa Feb Coc Crd Tie Zn D103What is the electron configuration of Mn ion210a Ar 4s 3d22b Ar 4s 3d5c Ar 3d4d Ar 3d13e Ar 4d 3d D11The nitrate of which of the following cations would exhibit paramagnetism to the GREATEST extent3a Co3b Cr3c Fe3d Mn3e V E1httpchemwikiucdaviseduWikitextsUCDavisUCDChem2CUCDChem2C3ALarsenHomeworkProblemsExtraProblemsforExamII211
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