CMN 120 Midterm: CMN 120 - Love, Lust and Marriage Video Notes and Interpersonal Attraction Video Notes

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8 Mar 2017
Video: Love, Lust and Marriage
1) Love begins with an animal-like feeling called lust
- smell plays a big part of the animal
- male’s looks for females (in animals) .
2) Symmetrical human faces are rated as more attractive than non-symmetrical
faces. This attractiveness signals to humans’ reptilian brain that….
Good looks usually require symmetry, how balanced their measurements
Faces with the highest symmetry as one of the most attractive
The symmetrical man has more sex in an earlier age
Survival of the species so that our genes can carry on (healthy
looks, clear skin, bright eyes, etc.)
3) Why have males and females developed different mating strategies over time?
- based on their intimacy with parents (small, subtle movements and
chaoticness in ur household)
- as you get more older, you still have those same signals but more
- For men: survival of genes, evolution pushes men to have sex with as
many as possible
- For women: Looking for resources, help in raising family
4) Love has three stages:
1) Lust beginning of real love, sexual craving, temporary/doesn’t last
2) Infatuation focused on the person, think about them at least 85% of the day
(intrusive thinking)
3) Attachment deep sense of calm; depending on each other & couple bonding
- Stay or Stray lifelong monogamy is rare
5) Cheating on one’s partner is the triumph of nature over culture.
6) Men are more likely to cheat than women by a 2:1 ratio.
- women like to commit to one life-long partner for resourcefulness + help
with motherhood
- men like to have sex with multiple partners
7) Only 3% of mammals stay with the same partner throughout life (e.g., beavers,
some antelope, some humans).
8) The 4th year of marriage is a common time to divorce (4 years is the time it
takes to raise one child through infancy).
9)Every year, 3 million couples marry in America.
10) What does a marriage ceremony represent?
- marks the end of courtship (rules on how you mate) and the onset of
family life
- universal ritual
11) According to Gottman, four behaviors are predictive of divorce (which he
terms the four horsemen of the apocalypse): criticism , defensive, contempt,
and withdrawal 12) Fighting and anger are not predictive of divorce.
- Marriage ends with a wimper, loss of connection over time instead of
Interpersonal Attraction Video
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