DES127 Final Study Guide part 1: Cradle to Cradle Ch1-6

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University of California - Davis
DES 127A
Ann Savageau

Cradle to Cradle: Chapter 1: What is wrong with Universal design solutions - manufactures design for the worst case scenario (brute force) ignore natural and cultural diversity. What is Intergenerational tyranny - poor design on such a scale reaches far beyond our life span - our tyranny over future generations through the effects of our actions today. Chapter 2: Why is ‘eco-effectiveness’ better than ‘eco-efficiency’? - "being less bad is no good" - eco-efficiency does things faster "less bad approach" doesn't eliminate problem - eco-effectiveness creates new solutions that create closed-loop systems; elmininates toxic materials and waste Chapter 3: What is the New Design Assignment? pg89 Be able to give specific examples - designs that deepen ecological, cultural and economical wealth in human communities. - buildings, like trees, that produce more energy than it consumes and purifies it's own waste water. - factories that produce effluents that are drinking water - products that have a useful life do not become useless as waste - materials accrued for humans and natural purposes - transportation that improves quality of life. - world of abundance, not one of limits, pollution, and waste Chapter 4: Earth’s Biological metabolism (waste=food) vs. Technical metabolism - returns all ingredients to the soil safely like in nature; waste = food vs. - uses materials that can be disassembles and reused indefinitely; never head to for the landfills. Chapter 5: ‘devolution’ vs. ‘respect diversity’ - simplification on a mass scale. human frame
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