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Environmental Toxicology
ETX 20
Kanthaswamy, Sreetharan

Why is document examination conducted? To determine a document’s: Origin, production source, production process, what type of printer was used, genuine or false What is a questioned document? Written on bullet, written on skull, zodiac letter Forensic document examiner: someone who attempts to determine the authenticity or authorship of a body of writing 2 year apprenticeship program because it is such a subjective process, national certifying body There is no single correspondence course that can provide the training to become Graphology—determining persnaity traits of an individual from certain handwriting features—not handwrotong identification Handwriting and handprinting Basis of handwriting examination: no two individuals have the same combination of handwriting characteristics How is it identified? When any two items prossess a sufficient combination of similarities without the presence of any differences/ Class characteristics, individual characteristics, hard to determine without a large body of writing or a signature Have to determine if it is disguised, traces (legit tracing another doc, can see slowness of pen movement,s etchings beneath, all of these features can be found under magnifica
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