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University of California - Davis
MUS 10

Arianna Dela RosaDavid Verbuc MUS 10 1 Vivaldi Spring Allegro from Four Seasons is a Baroque solo concerto with ritornello movements and a violin concertino supported by a basso continuo The first ritornello opens the piece from 000034 where we are introduced to a ripieno that includes violins playing a repetitive fastpaced yet easy to follow melody and bass instruments supporting and matching the melody with a simple pattern also known as the basso continuo I believe the ritornello successfully introduces the essence and cheerful theme of Springtime through the combination of the fast tempo and the catchy melody of the violins This quickly transitions to the first solo we hear from 035106 There is no more ripieno at this point but rather just the violin concertino or the solo group playing trills and further emphasizing the allegro tempo of the piece These trills resemble the sound of birds when they chirp during the mornings of Spring We then return to the ritornello from 107114 where it sounds parallel to
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